5 Top paying countries in Africa.

Unknown to many and despite Africa’s reputation as a 3rd world continent, it nevertheless surprises majority of people who believe it is a poverty-filled continent.

Listed below are Africas top 5 paying countries job wise. 

1.   Libya

Libya tops the list of countries in Africa with the highest paying jobs. This desert and oil-rich country in the Maghreb region in Africa is mostly known for four decades of rule by Muammar Gaddafi and the chaos that followed after his death. But even with the current political chaos and deteriorating security, the average monthly net salary after tax in Libya is $1,713.77.

The Purchasing Power Parity (GDP) is $90.89 billion while the GDP per capita is $14,200.

While the chaos may be a hindrance to stability in the region, Libya’s oil reserves estimated at 48 billion barrels do not just make it one of the top 10 oil-rich countries in the world but also, it keeps the people happy with the highest salary and a low cost of living index of 42.22.

2.   Zambia

Zambia has an average monthly salary of $1,482.22 and that is gold to anybody. According to the data on Numbeo, the cost of living and rent in Zambia is low.

The GDP per capita is $1,607.36.

3.   South Africa

At the end of the day, we all want jobs that pay well. Lawyers, computer and information systems managers, air traffic controllers, petroleum controllers, architects, software engineering are some of the jobs paid super well in South Africa.



Located off the southeast coast of Africa, this tiny island has a history of political stability coupled with a good governance record and an open and flexible regulatory system. It is Africa’s most competitive economy. With just 1.3 million people, the country’s economic growth increased in 2016 mainly supported by recovering investment activity.

Despite global slowdown in recent years, the country’s annual growth rates remain high. Popularly known for its stunning coral reefs and diverse wildlife and plants, the average salary in the country is $666.66 a month.

South Africa is the continent’s mining powerhouse. Numbeo says the average monthly net salary after tax is $1,188.89.

5. Namibia

Namibia’s economy heavily depends on the extraction and processing of minerals for exports. Mining accounts for 11.5% of GDP but provides more than 50% of foreign exchange earnings. Its GDP per capita is $11,800 while its gross national saving is 16.8 percent and household consumption is 63.5 per cent.

Namibia is also one of the world’s five producers of uranium and also has rich diamond deposits. Though the country economy is currently vulnerable to world commodity price fluctuations and droughts, people in Namibia are paid an average of $753.73 a month.

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