“Even thieves know they’ll take their money to Buhari bank.” -Kogi state governor.

While speaking during Buhari’s presidential rally in Abuja on Wednesday, February 13, 2019, the governor said people would trust President Buhari with their resources over his main opponent, Atiku Abubakar of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

According to him, even thieves would trust President Buhari over his opponent if both of them had banks to store money.

He said, “There are two banks in Nigeria: President Muhammadu Buhari Bank and Atiku Bank. And I ask, if you’re a banker or businessman, even people from PDP: Buhari Bank or Atiku Bank?

“Even the thieves know they’ll take their money to Buhari Bank. We know that very well.”

The governor went on to say that world leaders from the West, including the United States of America, would call on the president to fight corruption for them if he’s re-elected at the polls.

“Even those our international community friends they know. That is why today you’re the leader of Africa. The whole African countries have come to you to lead the crusade against corruption.

“And by the grace of God, when you come back the second time, even America, Britain and European communities will invite you to come and fight corruption in their land,” he said. 

The governor praised the 76-year-old president for sacrificing a lot for the future of Nigeria with his performance in office, including the improvement of security and regarding the economy.

When he later came onstage, President Buhari vowed to consolidate on the achievements of his first term.

His final rally will take place in his native Katsina State on Thursday, February 14, only two days to the February 16 election.

2019 general elections

The 2019 general elections will kick off with the Presidential and National Assembly elections on February 16 while Governorship and State Assembly elections will take place on March 2.

A total of 84,004,084 are registered to vote in the elections.

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