FUTO SUG election

The Federal University of Technolology, Owerri’s Student Union Government elections is around the corner. The election proper will take stand on the 22nd of August 2018 at the schools ICT building.

As an international institution with good recognition based on their academic achievements, they thrive very much to grow students which are just not academically inclined, but students who understand their political environment. The institution tries its very best to expose Great Nigerian Students with  prerequisite skills to enable them psychologically understand politics today in Nigeria and not just within the school and also to raise individuals who will a promote free and fair political environment in the future and furthermore reduce to the barest minimal political apathy which our great nation suffers from.

As supposed, FUTO runs a democratic type of political system, where what happens in government is dependent on the students . The school follows a system where all power is vested upon the students to choose the right leaders, those they believe without biased conscience are the right individuals for the various offices to be occupied. 

The offices to be occupied include;

  1. The office of the SUG president, FUTO’s 001.
  2. The vice president.
  3. The office of the Financial Secretary.
  4. The Director of Sports (DOS).
  5. Office as a Member of the Student Representative Council (MSRC) of the various departments in the school
  6. and so much more.

This information is also meant to encourage every student of the Federal University of Technology, Owerri to come on out and participate in the elction process as its a mandatory pratice.     

Remember that your power as a student lies in your ability to vote.


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