Google Ban on Huawei, The Chinese Giant.

After the US ban Trauma,  Google Ban ignites. 

What is Huawei’s Future? 

The effect of the US ban on China products, specifically their top market, Huawei’s is very daring and leaves the China Giant in a very delicate position. Thus pushing them out of business outside China. 

What I’m trying to say is that all the US based companies are bound to the laws of the United States.  This means that services of such companies will be off limit to China(Huawei).

Companies like Google, Qualcomm, Intel, Microsoft, Corning and their services and so much more will be off limits to China. 

For those that might still not understand the consequences, this means there would be no more Huawei’s laptops, no way for Huawei’s to get glass used for the production of their phones,the chips used and also the Android OS and it’s services will be inaccessible and could lead to the fold of this giant company. Interesting right??  But what could Huawei’s do?  This will be discussed later. 

Google Ban on Huawei

As a result of the US trade war, Google would withdraw its services to Huawei’s.  This would affect hundreds of millions of Huawei’s users worldwide. 

A Google ban implies that there would no longer be an Android OS as well as updates made available, Gmail services will be halted and so will the Google Maps and YouTube and so much more. 

Last year being 2018, HuaweI sold over 200 million smartphone so compared to 150 million in 2017. This Google ban will affect such population of Huawei’s users and inevitably cost the company its market. 

Google Ban on Google

With over 200 million sales of smartphone,  Huawei’s is the world’s second largest mobile phone company, knocking out Apple and threatening Samsung of its position. 

True, Google’s ban would cost Huawei’s billions of dollars, but what of its effect on Google itslef?

Huawei losing Goodlettsville services will affect Google tremendously.  The California based US company would also lose billions of dollars which would have been acquired from Huawei users on Google services like Google Play Store,  Gmail,  YouTube  and so much more. 

The Only Option for Huawei

Luckily,  Huawei being a Smartphone Giant has gotten itself a powerful influence in the market globally. 

Though this ban will weaken the company, I believe it will only push it to work more independently, thus leading to the creation of its very own Operating System(OS) just like Apple did. 

Yes, Microsoft tried though did not make it,so to say,  but with Huawei’s influence in the market,  it has greater chances. 

Do remember other well growing companies like  Oppo, Xiami, One plus, Vivo, Honor, Lenovo, etc are all Chinese Companies. 

If Huawei succeeds,  these companies are most likely to switch to a Chinese OS because they also stand a chance of same ban by Google.

This very act will cost Google ten times as much as it did to Huawei

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Thank you. 

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