Its not a crime to have sex in Car- Nigerian Police Force.

The Nigeria Police Force has clarified that it’s not against the law for citizens to have sex in the car as long certain conditions are met.

A couple having sex in a car parked in an isolated part of a neighborhood in Lagos State were recently harassed by a mobwho posted their pictures on social media.

The incident sparked debates over the nature of car sex in the country, leading a Twitter user to ask the Head of the Nigeria Police Force’s Public Complaint Rapid Response Unit, ACP Yomi Shogunle, for clarification.

In response, ACP Shogunle said having sex in the car is not a crime unless the car is parked on the premises of a place of worship, or the sex is not between consenting adults or between people of the same sex.

He posted, “Sex in a car in a public place is not a crime in Nigeria provided;

1. Location is not a place of worship

2. Parties are 18 yrs+

3. The act is consensual (agreed to by parties)

4. Parties are of opposite sex.”

Shogunle urged members of the public to report to his complaint unit if threatened with arrest by police officers for having sex in a car.

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