MP dismantles boreholes after losing election

A Ugandan MP has destroyed almost 10 boreholes he constructed after losing elections.

Former Nebbi Municipality Member of Parliament Patrick Okumu who lost in the parliamentary elections dismantled the boreholes he had sunk to supply fresh water to area residents.

Okumu accused the residents of being ungrateful after failing to support his bid to be MP.

“Our people are not appreciative. All I wanted form them was votes. I have educate so many children, but all they tell me is I’ve done nothing,” he said.

The deconstruction of the boreholes is reported to have started on Monday to Wednesday, shortly after the election results were announced.

Speaking to New Vision, the former legislator confirmed that he had dismantled the boreholes while pointing out that he does not regret his actions.

Okumu also stated that he plans on reconciling with residents at an appropriate time and reconnect the boreholes.

“I am hurt but I will reconcile with them. However, for now, let them look for water elsewhere. I used my money to sink stated Okumu.

The former state minister for public service lost his parliamentary seat in 2006 after being MP for almost 10 years and has made unsuccessful bids to clinch the seat.

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