Pastor who calls himself God jailed for raping eight members of his church.

A South Korean pastor Lee Jae-rock who thinks himself “God” has been sentenced to jail where he will remain for 15 years after raping 8 women who worship at his church.

The convict who began his Manmin Central Church in the year 1982, reportedly started with 12 followers. But the organization has grown to become a leading religious group with 130,000.

Lee’s victims reportedly felt a sense of obligation to him. This forced to obey his command because they believed he was “God”.

“I was unable to turn him down. He was more than a king. He was God,” one of the women that was sexually abused by the pastor tells South Korean media.

The Seoul Central District Court passed a judgment on 75-year-old Lee Jae-rock whose defence counsel alleged that “the women were lying for revenge after they were excommunicated for breaking the rules of the church.”

This is confirmed in a report by the BBC News. It confirmed that the pastor closed his eyes while a judge gave the verdict.

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