Upgrade of JAMB Results.

Yes, JAMB has commenced and soon results will be out too. 

For many people the exam is as easy as A B C,  for most it’s a difficult complexity that seems without hope doable without some help. 

The truth be,  and I proclaim it. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS JAMB UPGRADE. It’s a dubious measure and effort brought to exploit individuals. 

It’s impossible to have your jamb scored increased from 180 to 250. Nobody has truly the capability to do so for you. 

Ask yourselves these questions.

1. How many people do I truly know have upgraded their results?

2. Is spending my/ my parents hard earned money worth the risk?

3. Who are these people? 

If you don’t get wise after these few questions I’m sorry for you. 

But let the truth be told. 

“There are no upgrades of jamb results.”

Study hard and you will make it. 

Erazzor.com cares. 

Please share to friends and families.  Don’t let them be scammed too. 

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